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Bird Island: Isla Pajero up close: You can see how inaccessible it is, which probably explains its popularity with thousands of the local birds.

Bird Island up close.

Bird Island: Isla Pajero

Bird Island: Isla Pajero is famous for its birds - lots of them. It's also a pretty incredible island in its own right. Spectacularly inaccessible, it provides a natural refuge for many different species of bird - which is why it is officially designated a bird sanctuary. Bird Island is around 15 minutes from Bocas del Drago (on Isla Colon).

Strong Currents and Hostile Birds

The currents comes from all sides, which makes it a difficult island to land on, and you would ten have to contend with te vertical cliffs around most of the island - so it is definitely recommended you watch from the safety of your boat; then the only thing left to contend with are the birds that become a little agressive during breeding season and dive bomb the boats that come too close.

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