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September Construction On Schedule

Our first two single-family homes, lots 65 and 69, are progressing well, with four more homes scheduled to begin construction before the end of this year. And we are just about to break ground on our first two luxury apartment buildings ...

The latest construction images

Sample the unique Bocas microclimate ... a lot of visitors don't realize that each year, during September and October, the climate in Bocas is uniquely different to the rest of Panama ...

Sample the microclimate in October.

Meet Javier Seoane, our new architect.

Meet Javier Seoane, the new on-site Project Manager and Senior Architect. Javier moved from Peru to be part of this project and brings with him 50 years of experience.

Meet Javier

Meet Micah Roberts, Technical Director.

An eye on Quality: Micah Roberts, Technical Director, has been in construction and Quality Control for 10 years, and comes to Panama with a passion for quality.

Meet Micah

9°: world-class cuisine arrives in Bocas.

only opened late in 2008 but is already established as the outstanding restaurant in Bocas town. The venue, the way it is appointed, the service, the food, they all world-class.

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