Helicopter Tour of Sunset Point and Bocas del Toro: October 2008

Mat, Ross* and a professional cameramen took to the air in October 2008 as it was time to update the aerial record of construction at Sunset Point. Out of the 700 or so photographs taken we have selected some of the best shots and put together a gallery showing the finished canals at Sunset Point, the six-mile road system there, the recently finished Sunset Point beach - and a few of the local points of interest around the project: Bocas Town (and airport), Zapatilla Island, a beach used in the Survivor TV series, some great reef shots, Bird Island and a couple of houses on the water.
* Mathew Whant and Ross Hagen are the Managing Partners behind the Sunset Point Project.

Helicopter lifts from Sunset Point beach.
Getting equipment out of the helicopter.
Mat and Ross.
Bocas town, showing airport.
Bocas town, a different angle.
Sunset Point
Sunset Point
Sunset Point
Sunset Point, canal end.
Sunset Point, 6-mile road network.
Sunset Point, 6-mile road network.
TV series: Survivor set being prepared.
Rugged coastline on nearby island.
Great reef pic from the air.
Zapatilla from the air.
Bird Island.
Bird Island.
Two Houses on the water, by Sunset Point.
Beautiful palm-backed beach.
The beach at Sunset Point.
Sunset Point, Bocas town in the background.

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