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Construction and landscaping at Sunset Point.

October 2008: The second canal is completed

The second canal is completed.

September 2008: Home building on schedule

Building progresses well.

June 2008 Construction: steel delivered

High quality Panama real Estate.

May 2008 Construction: the first home!

Sunset Point, Bocas del Toro.

February 2007 Construction

Panama canal real estate; ocean views.

Setting the standard

Construction News

The second canal is completed.

October 2008 Construction

The second canal is completed: The final section of the second canal has now been opened. Have a look at the pictorial record, documenting the 'dance' of the three excavators as they formed a line and passed the soil to each other, and the water started to flow.

Building on schedule, Bocas del Toro.

September 2008 Construction

Lots 65 and 69 On Schedule: We are well underway constructing our first two single-family homes - and with four more homes scheduled to begin construction this year and our first hilltop luxury apartments about to break ground, we are very satisfied with building progress.

Construction News

Delivery to Bocas del Toro, Panama.

June 2008 Construction

Mainland deliveries - Panamanian style! A typical large Panamanian truck, ferried across for the mainland, delivers steel reinforcing rods and cement arrive for the first houses.

Micah Ronerts, Bocas del Toro.

May 2008 Construction

Lot 65 begins! Micah Roberts and his team, despite a rainy week, breaking ground on Lots 65 and 69.

Canal and ocean view, Panama.

November 2007: Good aerial views

Sunset Point is advancing well at this stage, with the canal excavation progressing according to plan; also, there are some good aerial shots looking up from the entrance of the development.

Canal construction, Panama canals.

February 2007: Second canal excavation well underway

The Second Canal excavation is well underway in this gallery; note the removal of dead coral - which is why the soil in this particular area of Sunset Point is white; and an construction image of one of the two sewage treatent facilities.

Panama; canal construction, Bocas, Almirante.

October 2006: Five excavators at work

Creating two huge canals: Five large excavators working on the second canal.

Panama property; construction at Bocas.

June 2006: Early days

The first canal was being constructed at this stage, and the ground cleared in readiness for the construction of the second

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