Sunset Point, Bocas

Setting the standard

Technical Specifications at Sunset Point

Sunset Point has strict Quality Control in place, covering all aspects of the extensive development. Micah Roberts (Technical Director) is responsible for making sure that this standard is rigorously maintained. Here are some of the documents used in defining that Quality Control:

Inspection Requirements at Sunset Point (Please Note: pdf - 59.2KB)

Mariposa Bathroom & Elevation details (Please Note: pdf - 172KB)

Roof Design (Please Note: pdf - 154kb)

Slope Management (Please Note: pdf - 320kb)

Slope Stabilization (Please Note: pdf - 719kb)

Standard Construction Details 2006 (Please Note: pdf - 4,467KB)

Injury & Illness Log at Sunset Point (Please Note: Excel file - 31KB)

Residential Foundation Inspection (Please Note: Excel file - 67KB)

SWPPP Inspection & Maintenance Form 2 (Please Note: Word Doc - 31KB)

TEJAGALA, metallic roofing tile, galvanized steel G60 (Please Note: Word doc - 249KB)

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